Sexual Abuse

What is sexual abuse? For children, it is when an older child, a youth, or an adult use a child for their own sexual gratification. It is also called incest when it involves a parent, sibling, or other family member. A child’s sexual development can also be harmed by verbally inappropriate comments and innuendos that make a child feel uncomfortable about their sexual being.

Have you been sexually abused? Do you find that it continues to follow you around despite your best efforts to “put it in the past”? Does the abuse affect how you relate to your significant other, keeping you from being able to trust intimacy?

It is important to tell your story, and to work out the false feelings of guilt and inadequacy, as well as learning to trust again. I have come alongside many women who have been harmed by this shattering storm called sexual abuse. Call me and set up an appointment. Let’s talk about your path to healing.

There is help. There is hope.