What is rape? While everyone agrees that “stranger rape” is a crime, which is usually thought of as being assaulted in a dark alley by a complete stranger, it needs to be understood that there are many other situations that are also rape, but are denied by the perpetrator and/or societal norms, and perhaps even the victims themselves. For example, the college woman who attends the fraternity party, and finds herself saying “no” to sexual advances only to be overpowered. “She must have wanted it. Did you see how she was dressed? Why was she at a Frat party to start with? She got what she was asking for.” Lies like this leave women vulnerable to rape.

Have you been raped? Do you find that it has been difficult to “put it in the past” and “get over it”? Do you find yourself living life successfully, and then “out of the blue” find yourself having an anxiety attack? Do you constantly live in fear, looking over your shoulder anxiously if you hear footsteps behind you?

There is hope. I am impassioned about this topic and have helped multiple victims of rape, and you can regain your life in a fulfilling and meaningful way. It is important to tell your story, and to eliminate the lies and false beliefs that keep you imprisoned by this horrific event.